Posted by: antiquatedagents | 11 July 2013

Sad news of our colleagues

It has been a sad few weeks for our friends in the profession.
David Holtby, formerly of Newbury, and Richard Small, formerly of Aylesbury, have passed away.
Barry Thurnell, formerly of Gloucestershire, Nottingham City and Tunbridge Wells, died on Tuesday 11th June whilst he was on holiday in Prague with his wife, Trudy.   The repatriation took some time to arrange.
  • Julian Pinnick contacted us to say, “Very sad to hear Barry has died.   Many happy times with him at the Nottingham office.”
  • Gillian Owen said “I have some really good memories of Barry on a trip to Strasbourg.   David was a neighbour of mine when Agent in Maidenhead, great sense of duty and humour.   And Richard was Steve’s best man at our Wedding.   It is sad to lose friends, and with the passing of Mrs T too this news makes us feel mortal!!   RIP Barry, David and Richard!”
  • Gordon Williams wrote, “What sad news you have had to deliver to us all today  –  never good to receive such information and particularly when you feel it’s too soon in their lives for it to have happened.   I still proudly wear one of the small enamel lapel rosettes that Barry produced in the 90s.”
Not many days later Paul Burrett wrote to say,  “Sad to report the passing of Peter Davies.   Peter was agent in Luton when I joined the YCs in 1977.    He served in many constituencies including the Isle of Wight – the biggest constituency in the country.”
  • Mike Love commented, “I am very sorry to hear that.   Peter was my first Trainer agent in Hornsey and I knew Ann then too.   Peter is responsible for me sticking with it through early days when I had my doubts about the sanity of my new career choice.   He was a great character and a good colleague.”

And then we heard that John Laidlaw had died.   He had been in a home in Bournemouth for a number of years and was not at all well.   Many of us will remember him as a distinguished Editor of the Agents’ Journal.   What was that, I hear some say?    Ah well, you have to be quite old to remember the Journal!


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